Experience the alternative way of business funding today!
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Register for our upcoming live Instagram funding workshop on January 24 at 7:00pm

Register for our upcoming live Instagram funding workshop on January 24 at 7:00pm

Experience the alternative way of business funding today!
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(386) 400-3963

Meet your Mentors

Photo of Craig Gibbons

Craig Gibbons


Craig has built multiple 7 figure businesses over his 30 years in business and enjoys teaching clients how they can also achieve wealth.

Photo of Hiram Algarim

Hiram Algarim

Chief Executive Officer

Hiram is a leading expert in the financing industry with 20+ years experience in brokerage and enjoys teaching people about corporate funding and navigating large deals.

What is Aim Higher?

A 4 day intense syllabus based course

Aim Higher is a 4 day intense syllabus based course with the top executives from the Latter Financial Group. They will give you business education you needed to build a 7 figure business very quickly. This course is not for the faint of heart but for the executive who is ready to make high revenue through high dollar deals.

Your Entrance into a lucrative industry

You will receive business industry counsel from top executives who have ground breaking and proven concept experience in the lending sector. They will train you in our exclusive 4 phase process to provide you with everything you need to be a highly successful broker making top dollars following graduation.

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Brittany Nelson

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Business Loan Demand

Loans needed (52%)

No loans needed (48%)

33,185,550 Businesses

Average Business Loan: $633,000

Broker Fee (10%): $63,300

(Points are at Broker’s Discretion)

Curriculum Outline

  • Intro to Business and Consumer Funding
  • Making 6-7 figures with no Start-up Fees
  • How to Acquire Start-up Capital
  • 300+ Lenders Introduction
  • Industry Specific Leaders Introduction
  • Approvals with Lenders and Super Brokers
  • How to Structure Large Deals
Photo of Hiram Algarim

Aim Higher is not just another mentorship program, we’re serious about your success.

Aim Higher: 4 Day Schedule

Number 1
Day 1
  • Intro To Business & Consumer Funding
  • Avoid Start Up Fees to Make 6 & 7 Figures
  • How To Acquire Start-Up Capital
Number 2
Day 2
  • Introduction To ISO Agreement
  • How To Get Approved With Lenders
  • How To Acquire Super Brokers
Number 3
Day 3
  • How to structure deals
  • How to submit to lenders
  • How to get a deal approved
  • CRM Procedures
  • Guest Mentor: Financial Officer
Number 4
Day 4
  • How To Create Renewal Sales Cycles
  • Building Your Team
  • 4 – Day Mentorship With Other Your Mentors

Aim Higher: Value

Tier 1 line of credit course:


Tier 1 term loans course:


Credit Card Stacking Course:




Call us for your special pricing: 

Added Value

  • Hotel and lunch covered
  • +6 months of coaching with mentors
  • Transportation from airport to hotel
  • Graduation Dinner
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Experience the alternative way of business funding today!