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Aim Higher, an elite mastermind designed for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to scale their businesses to new heights. Here, we’re not just about networking; we’re about creating a powerhouse of success by auditing who you surround yourself with and leveraging the collective wisdom of seasoned CEOs. With our mission to propel you into a realm of significant personal and professional growth, Aim Higher is your gateway to transforming your entrepreneurial journey.

Aim Higher is your stepping stone to a lucrative revenue stream

3 Day

program led by seasoned CEOs


a private event of networking and learning

In-person mastermind taking place in sunny Florida is your stepping stone to a lucrative revenue stream. We’ve distilled years of industry success into a comprehensive syllabus that promises tangible results. By integrating our teachings into your existing framework, you’re not just boosting your sales; you’re redefining success.

Expert Mentorship and Comprehensive Business Counseling

Day 1: Introduction to Business & Consumer Funding 

Learn the fundamentals of funding and kickstart your journey towards closing your first deal within 30 days. Discover the strategies to achieve 6 & 7-figure earnings.

Day 2: Understanding ISO Agreements and Legal Aspects 

Gain insights into ISO agreements and navigate the legalities involved. Learn how to get approved with lenders, even with challenging background checks. Discover how to leverage super broker lenders to handle the heavy lifting for you.

Day 3: Mastering Deal Structuring and Submission

Learn the art of structuring deals effectively. Discover the best practices for submitting deals using our workflows and lender flow-path. Gain strategies to ensure deal approval on the first submission.

A Curriculum Designed for Mastery

The Aim Higher extends beyond the classroom. Following the 3 Day program in Florida, you will then join us digitally for 12 weeks.

Our curriculum is your blueprint to mastery, covering everything from the basics of business and consumer funding to securing startup capital and mastering deal structuring. With our program, you’ll navigate the complexities of lender relationships, deal approvals, and creating a sustainable sales cycle for continuous growth.

Tailored Mentorship and Holistic Business Guidance

Exclusive Access to Industry Titans: Dive deep into the minds of successful CEOs, absorbing decades of expertise to catapult your business forward.

A Blueprint for 7-Figure Success: Leverage our proprietary 4-phase funding program, designed to amplify your value and profitability.

Super Brokering Mastery: Cultivate vital relationships with lenders, freeing up your time to focus on lead generation and revenue growth.

Invaluable Insights and Strategies: From credit lines to term loans, learn how to streamline funding and invoicing processes for rapid success.

Why Aim Higher

A Different Approach, Using New Methods To Grow

With countless satisfied mentees backing our program, it’s clear that our system delivers results. If you’re serious about transforming your life or business, you need a plan that works seamlessly. That’s where the Aim Higher comes in.

Like when I first got interested in, in funding, you know, being at the Blueprint Summit man, I knew that I wanted to tap in Hiram and you know, all of the information that they give us, I guess a lot of information, but it gives us the opportunity to service our clients and get a better, right?

We don’t have one tier of, you know, financial instruments to, to service our clients.

And now we have a whole school that we have different broker relationship that you created.

And now, you know, that’s another vertical that adds.

Brian Bracey

This program has been, I mean, literally the cherry on top.

I’ve been able to maximize what I’ve already learned over the years and I’ve been able to cultivate and maximize that and turn that into what I see to be my best year and my seventies, I’m becoming a seven figure earner.

So this has really sent me over the top and I love, love, love my coaches.

One of the things that Hiram and Craig specified with being a leader, not so much for being a coach because anybody can be a coach.

They’ve been amazing.

Tawana Lee

I wish I could bring all my friends in here too because like kinda did change life from what I used to do for them people.


I wanna tell audience our team that I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you all and you guys will be seeing me again.


How to get started

3 Day

Aim Higher held in Tampa Bay, Florida

12 Weeks

Digital course & mentorship following Aim Higher

7 Figure

Blueprint by leveraging 4-phase funding strategies


Insights, strategies, relations & retworking


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